Fiesta de Libros - We bring the library to the children.
Annual Dia de los Niños Book Festival

El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day), is an annual celebration of children, families and reading. The celebration emphasizes the importance of literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The focus is to:
  • Celebrate children and connect them to the world of learning through books, stories and libraries.
  • Nurture cognitive and literacy development in ways that honor and embrace a child’s home language and culture.
  • Introduce families to community resources that provide opportunities for learning through multiple literacies.
  • Recognize and respect culture, heritage and language as powerful tools for strengthening families and communities.

   Fourth Annual Children's Book Festival
            Friday March 24, 2017

                                          Featured Authors
      Carmen Deedy                  Marie Marquardt


                      Artist Roberto Hernandez talking about his murals at Plaza Fiesta

Students making bookmarks at the High Museum table

Students playing Mexican loteria with the Mexican Consulate

    Annual Children's Book Festival
       Saturday April 23, 2016
A big thank you to our storytellers (left to right):  Lara-Carolina Fernandez, Tersi Bendiburg, and LaDoris Davis.  Thank you also to Genny Castillo (second from right), our wonderful MC!  

  Thank you to our volunteers from Morehouse College!  Amazing young men who assisted enthusiastically in all that we asked of them - from setting up, to getting on stage and participating in the storytelling to interacting with the kids.  They were the perfect volunteers!

     A huge thank you to Myguail Chappel from Dekalb County Library for his support!



Second Annual Children's Book Festival
      Saturday April 25, 2015

Children following along with the story - "Saturdays y Domingos"

                              Morehouse Students


                                                                               Delta Volunteers

          High Museum Volunteers

                                               Morehouse Student Volunteers

First Annual Children's Book Festival
       Saturday April 26, 2014

         Claudia and Andrea Paz – Peruvian Authors of children’s Books

          Rodrigo P Tobar - Illustrator of “When Pigs Fly” and “Let There Be Dragons”

Nadeen Green (on right) – Author of “When Pigs Fly” and the bilingual book “Let There Be Dragons”, Rodrigo Tobar - Illustrator, Laura Murvartian - Founder and Chair Fiesta De Libors, Jim Kelley - Vice Chair Fiesta De Libros


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