Fiesta de Libros - We bring the library to the children.

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              THANK YOU JIMMY!
        We Love our New Drop Off Boxes
               They're beautiful!

THANK YOU to Renate, Priscilla and Essra!

THANK YOU to the Linares Family!

             THANK YOU JACK!
We Love our New Rolling Bookshelves!

THANK YOU Luis, Hector and Jaime!

THANK YOU to Claudia, Virginia and Mandy!

Emily Linares is the recipient of the 2014 Telemundo Young Hero Award in recognition for the work she does with Fiesta De Libros.

Luis Linares, Emily Linares, Maria Salazar, Morena Linares             Jim Kelley, Emily Linares, Laura Murvartian

The Young Hero Award was awarded to an individual under age 18, for their contribution to the community.  Click on link to see Emily's story:  Young Hero Award: Emily Linares 

       Thank you to our Volunteers!

                 Westminster and Towns Elementary Students


                                  Atlanta International School
                                    4th Grade Spanish Class

Lakly Family                           


                                                                       Michael and Katie

Roswell Unitarian Congregation
Youth Group

                              Morehouse College Spanish Class


                                         Jacobs/Shapiro Family

Diane Dowling

                     Unitarian Universalist Congration of Atlanta
                                  2nd and 3rd Grade RE Class


                                           The boys taking a tour of Plaza Fiesta


                                                     Joel Kottman

Lisa Guyton, Loren Jones
Olivia Ehlbeck and Liz

         Sarah Patterson

Marion-Landais Family

Amy and Gobi Hernandez

5th Grade Students from the Atlanta International School



Morena, Emily, and Luis


Emily volunteered every Saturday for both shifts during the Summer and Fall of 2012.  Her commitment to the program was impressive and key to the success of the program last year.  We also appreciated Emily's enthusiasm and good nature.  Thank you, Emily!

We would like to thank Emily's parents who would accompany her on the bus from Lawrenceville and wait for her at Plaza Fiesta.  Their support of Emily was beautiful to see.  Emily's parents also assisted with setup and teardown when we were short staffed. Thank you!

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