Fiesta de Libros - We bring the library to the children.


Click on the link below to sign up for a volunteer shift:
Password:  books

There are three volunteer opportunities:
  • Promotion Day Volunteer
  • Book Sorting Volunteer
  • Special Events

Promotion Day Volunteer
You, your family or organization can sign up for one of our Promotion Day shifts to staff the library and promote the program.  We would like to have two to four people per shift (two adults, two adults and two youth ages 8+, or one adult and two teenagers)

Promotion days takes place the second Saturday of the month (check the writeboard to confirm schedule).  

Shift Times are from 12pm to 2:00pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. 

Volunteer Responsibilities:
  • Organize the books on the shelves based on set categories
  • Hand out fliers to the parents and explain the program, emphasizing the book exchange element.
  • From the remote reading pit direct people to the location of the library
  • At the library greet the children and explain the program to them.  Let them know they can select one book they can take home for free. Explain how the books are organized.
  • Enjoy the children - engage them in reading, talk to them about the books they have read and help them find a book to take home.

You will be greeted by a FDL Site Supervisor when you arrive at Plaza Fiesta who will guide you throughout your shift.

To sign up for a Promotion Day volunteer shift, please click on the link below and enter password provided:
Password:  books

Book Sorting Volunteer
  • Go through all of the donated books to ensure all books are appropriate for our program
  • Separate books that may be in poor condition and recycle
  • Sort books based by category and sticker books
Signing Up to Help:
  • Book sorting is scheduled on an as-needed basis and takes place at Plaza Fiesta
  • Please email us at if interested in volunteering and we will put you on our book sorting volunteer list

Special Events
We hold two annual special events for which we need volunteers.  
Our annual Read-a-Thon which takes place in early February and our annual Book Festival which takes place in the spring (either March or April).  Please visit our volunteer sign up link for more details and dates.

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