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We are currently looking for more Site Supervisors. Site Supervisors are responsible for supervising the volunteers on Saturdays and help administer the program. The time commitment is from 11:30 to 4:30 an average of one Saturday every two months and approximately 1 hour a month of administratiave work. Please contact Laura Murvartian at if you are interested in becoming a Site Supervisor.

Current Site Supervisors

Morena, Emily and Luis Linares

Jim Kelley

Site Supervisor and Program Vice-Chair

Laura Murvartian

Site Supervisor

Founder and Chair

Past Site Supervisors


Lee-Ann Williams

Larilyn Pittman

Vanenka Mosqueira

A Special thank you to our founding Site Supervisors who contributed immensely to the launch of the program in 2012:

Helen Hobson

Jennifer Leigh Thomas

Barbara Austin

For Site Supervisors Only:

2013 Site Supervisors Schedule

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